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Jarno is a freelance actor, producer and director from Helsinki, best known for his stage work in the Helsinki Gay Theatre (HGT). He has also appeared in a number of films, television programs and commercials, such as Tom of Finland, Syke, Salatut Elämät and Aallonmurtaja.

Jarno is a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre at New York where he studied acting 2017-2019. Students were taught Meisner technique through a system of exercises created by Sanford Meisner, who was one of the greatest acting teachers of the 20th Century.

Jarno is also a film producer and has produced a critically acclaimed film “A Moment In The Reeds” which won the Best Male Actor and Best Supporting Male Actor awards at the Nordic International Film Festival in New York November 2018. The film was also nominated for the Jussi Awards (Finnish Oscars) 2019 for Best Actor and Supporting Actor.

Originally from Southern Lapland, Jarno received his Master’s degree in 2005 from the University of Vaasa. He specialised in communications, digital video and audio production, economics and information technology. Following his studies, Jarno went on to become an IT security professional for a large international company based in Helsinki.

Alongside his professional career Jarno has always held a great passion for acting and working both in front of and behind the camera. Surprisingly, it was only in his mid thirties, that Jarno decided to take the leap of faith and pursue his desire to perform on stage and become involved in film, television and commercial productions. The opportunities Jarno has received have only further increased his determination to develop his second career as an actor and to improve his craft.

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